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Looking for alternative media sources in New Zealand? Below is a list of current alternative news outlets across the country – last Updated 17th April 2023 – links are to Facebook, Twitter or independent websites. Blogs are separately listed at the bottom of the page.

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For Kiwis Overseas

The NZ Daily Report

Twitter Link

Facebook Link




Daily Examiner

Daily Telegraph

Right Minds NZ

With Liz Gunn


Zeb Jackson Live



The Platform



Chris Lynch

Chris Lynch journalist, videographer and content producer, broadcasting from his independent news and production company in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you have a news tip or are interested in video content, email

Kiwi Voice

An Open Book

An alternative to Corporate mainstream media, Kiwi Voice provides honest reporting. commentary and opinion through research, critical thinking, community engagement and talking to real, true, honest Kiwis every day in engaging interviews.

We strive to provide a public space where freedom of speech is valued, respected, and offered. We discuss the things the mainstream media won’t, provide balance where they don’t and do our best to simply be good people.


Lucas, announced a permanent pause in broadcasting in late March 2023 following the commencement of Reality Check Radio at the beginning of that week.

Chantelle Baker – Independent Broadcaster

The above page was shut down by Facebook on Saturday 20th August 2022.

Baker nows broadcasts from the page below under the banner of “Operation People” and more recently joined Reality Check Radio as a co host.

Voices for Freedom Blog


Page promoted by IMANZ

IMANZ – Twitter

IMANZ – Facebook


Plain Sight NZ

NZ News Essentials

Homepaddock – Arcadian attitude

Independent Media Association (NZ)

With the help of Writer Of Sorts


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