NZ Protests Again

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This Tuesday, 23 August action groups from across the country head back to Wellington to protest outside parliament again.

The previous mass protest ended in a violent confrontation between police and protestors on Wednesday 2nd March after Speaker Trevor Mallard refused to engage in any dialogue whatsoever.

The Prime ministers office which runs a disinformation section launched a campaign against activist media that reported on events at the March Protest.

Most notably, media personality Chantelle Baker who had her Facebook Page closed down.

Baker has launched a new platform called “Operation People” while others deal with various forms of censorship.

The move is not likely to stop reporting of this event but may disrupt audiences on the day until they reconnect with new links.

Baker is not likely to be forgiven any time soon for her explosive reporting at the coalface of the Wellington Protest-NZ.

IMANZ regularly updates a page with alternative media information for New Zealand.

Rebel News Banned

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