King of Climate and the Queen of Woke

King Charles and PM Ardern

The death of Queen Elizabeth and the rise of Prince Charles to King may significantly influence the politics of far far away New Zealand.

Queen Elizabeth tended to remain far less political than her son, who as then Prince of Wales was well known for his climate activism and environmental concerns.

The British monarch is often accused of the colonial crimes of the British Empire, even if the Commonwealth of nations is a smaller place now than when Queen Elizabeth ascended to the throne 70 years ago with the number of countries that have chosen independence during her reign.

While elite Māoridom has turned the NZ Crown to a cash cow the majority of New Zealanders are in no hurry to leave the security of the realm for republican independence.

While the environmental fascists of the world want the ignorant masses educated about the dangers the world faces from a supposed climate crisis, great expectations are held of what their new Climate King might demand.

Jacinda Ardern’s latest speech to the UN didn’t go unnoticed by the world either when the Queen of Woke labelled “internet freedom a weapon of war” suggesting also that censorship of freedom of speech was justified, especially against those who didn’t believe in climate change.

Well, New Zealand had more than enough of Ardern’s Podium of Truth during her Covid Scandenmic.

Ardern’s government cherry picked information to support their ideological entity rather than the practical management of the country’s covid response.

The country’s courts would be required to stop the her fantasy which lacked a demonstrable justification for mandates but still the government instead of taking the get out of jail free card, dug their ideological hole even deeper.

Our socialists are intent of finding another Trojan horse to climb upon if they can’t have covid.

It would appear Ardern has seen the grand opportunity to not only pursue some greater good with the climate change agenda but rekindle her covid authoritarianism that was lost when her own people rose against her.

There is pain at the polls for Ardern as the downward trend has dropped her government’s popularity under 30%.

There is international ridicule of Ardern’s attack on free speech, which may not have impressed King Charles. He would know only too well that his British subjects wouldn’t tolerate a monarch threatening free speech or one attempting to win back the hard won restraints on the authority of the monarchy.

Ardern is likely not responding to King Charles as an ally but to the collective EU, WEF, UN et al, who also want to own that climate change agenda.

That may also provide some insight into the global hostility towards Italy’s new prime minister, Giorgia Meloni, who has attracted the Ire of the EU President and the left-wing tablets alike.

It’s a cauldron of gnashing teeth that may not respect King Charles as the head of the Church of England and Italy as the home of the Catholics and also a threat to the ownership of the Climate and Carbon agendas.

The scientific world is up in arms too. There is rebellion against unethical practices of medicine and fake science underpinning the Climate Emergency of the rising global socialist order.

Meanwhile back home in New Zealand we have Elite Māoridom hiding behind a Māori Caucus that is demanding co-governance. That’s a political debate that should be left out of this post even if it does make 2023 a significant election for the country.

When it comes to complications aside from military alignments it’s the existence of the Commonwealth which stands in the way of any global world or the ascendancy of China.

Ardern went to Queen Elizabeth’s funeral saying New Zealand wouldn’t become a republic but afterwards on her way to the UN where she was about to deliver her controversial speech said New Zealand would become a republic in her lifetime.

With the cries of colonial crimes still alive and well back home in NZ, and Ardern more clearly aligned with socialist authoritarianism, then it is interesting some world parties have chosen King Charles as the patron of Climate Change rather than the Global Order.

Perhaps that was just a whim that supported their beliefs without considering all the consequential issues.

Where do the King of Climate and the Queen of Woke go from here?


A Significant Force

The Significant Force That We Are

If I said New Zealand played a significant part in World War Two, you might wonder how that could even be possible?

And as a small expeditionary force from the other end of the world we are seldom written about in terms of our individual contribution to the Allied Campaign.

I generally try to write something for Anzac Day and this year I thought I’d try to explain this lack of perspective in New Zealand writing which contributes to us not appreciating ourselves as we should.

The harsh reality for us now though is that this type of research and writing is hard work and it doesn’t pay as well as the sentimental kind words, so easily found, and always useful on the day, that are now unfortunately fast running out of the significant meaning they once had.

One example of many, that New Zealanders are not often reminded of is our role in the Mediterranean.

Our troops would find themselves in a secondary theatre of engagement as the Second World War progressed the way it did.

Although the Italian Campaign may have at first seemed more like a rescue mission than the ensuing major battle that eventuated, this unexpectedly contributed to a significant weakening of German military cohesion.

More than 20 German divisions (Estimated at 15% of the ‘German Wehrmacht’ – their available defense forces at time) were diverted from France and the Eastern Front in order to defend Italy.

It was no small part in contributing to the campaign … to the grinding down … and to the eventual defeat of Nazi Germany.

Our 2nd New Zealand Division upheld our country’s reputation with a valuable contribution both in the Mediterranean and to the combined war effort on this occasion.

There was a cost though. This particular action resulted in a total of 2176 New Zealanders left buried in Commonwealth war cemeteries or alternatively commemorated on memorials in Italy.

The resulting wounds to those troops that came home can never be fully appreciated for the effect on each individual’s life and for that reason alone today, I don’t make any reference to the total number of our troops who were wounded in this encounter.

Lest we forget – Apologies to Italy