Fire and Fury

It makes me angry … legitimately angry … every time I see our media industry hit the self-destruct button again.

This weekend Paula Penfold has fronted the Stuff Circuit documentary Fire and Fury.

So, Penfold’s got bills to pay. Hasn’t everyone?

Well, there’s a point at which we all have to ask ourselves, is my integrity worth more?

Plenty of people have been put in that position already, as a result of Ardern’s Podium of Truth.

No excuses, not that there were any way. Penfold is over the legitimate line and if she can’t decide whether it was wilful blindness or stupidity then she is a lost cause because she would know damn well she couldn’t win a debate on competence.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to legitimise anyone here or any one side of the argument : This is about journalism gone wrong and the effects of journalism gone wrong.

That can be seen from outset with the title. Stuff Circuit is on the Ardern’s “Love and Kindness” team and reporting on the “Fire and Fury” of those other people, who just happen to be the New Zealand public that Penfold is so out of touch with.

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4 thoughts on “Fire and Fury

  1. […] Poor Quality – Poor Judgment, and Unprecedented-Unprofessionalism, flooded out of the Prime minister’s disinformation project and into our world courtesy of Stuff Circuit journalists Paula Penfold and Louisa Cleave and their propaganda programme Fire and Fury. […]


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