Our Distuped Days

“Emergency and Media” are capable of causing mass hysteria, which is what we’ve seen during New Zealand’s covid response. Dr Matt Shelton, in a recent video described what he saw as weapons grade psychology in action.

Ardern welcomed, “Our new normal” This ‘disturbed and disrupted’ environment we find ourselves in – our ‘Distupted Days’.
We’re each in our own ‘distupted’ environment trying to make sense of our consequential circumstances.

“Waking people up” is not new, either. This term appears in history as a known response to these reoccurring situations:
And here we are …

I consulted some friends in literature. Charles Dickens replied, “Definitely needs a new word … ‘Distupted’ … Very Dickenson.”

Others were quick to join the conversation.

James Barrie, “If it’s happened before it can happen again.”
Samuel Clemens, “History doesn’t necessarily repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”
Malcolm Gladwell, “Little things can make a big difference.”
Wendell Wilkie, “Education is the mother of leadership.”

Writers have a contemporary responsibility. The greatest exercise of the mind, I like to call it. An examination of the moment has produced many good books, in the past, not the least of which is “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens which was published first, as a series of newspaper editorials.

I’m sure you have your own favorite book, or perhaps now, a favorite YouTube clip, that you find some sense in – the return of the word, if it hasn’t been censored yet.

Perhaps not you? You’re happy with your piece of the world and cannot understand why others are not.

Why a mass of demonstrators would gather at parliament, chanting, “Love and Peace” and “Freedom” and carrying a confusing array of banners.

The resistance didn’t disappear underground as it has in past events – it stood its ground and Resistance Media fired up around the country, the opposite to what has happened in comparable situations in media history.

“Hold the line” was the protest chant when police confronted protestors at the Parliament Protest in February and since, a media possy of failed journalists has produced endless propaganda to finally arrive at its recent pinnacle of “Fire and Fury”. A media product of our Stuffed News.

Certainly not the glory days of journalism.

And the day after this week’s protest at parliament the news was quickly out that new figures just to hand can reveal that our police expended nearly four million dollars at the February Protest.

Not everyone is blind to the consequences of the current administration and their distupted outcomes.

Mallard and Ardern have totally eroded any sense of decorum, decency and democracy in New Zealand Parliament. Holding the Govt to account is core to our democracy.


Our future stability has its obligations, even if it is little things like continuing to point out the obvious.

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