Baker Banned

New Zealand has its celebrity club of media stars that has developed over the last 20 years, none of whom have reached the heady heights of US personality media, even if they have that inflated view of themselves.

NZ audiences though, no longer have the addiction to news we once had, due to an overwhelming distrust in our mainstream media.

Leaving aside the recent desperate attempts to encourage audiences, is convenient at this time as it is an embarrassing subject media history will have plenty to say about.

The NZ 5th Estate (citizen journalist/alternative-media-nz) is a real and growing threat to government control of the media narrative. We’re fortunate to see a successful and substantial list of alternative media platforms developing across the country.

There is only one real challenger currently amongst our 5th Estate to the celebrity media clique and that is the rising star of social media, Chantelle Baker.

Baker attracts a Facebook following of around 100k on her Facebook lives and uses other platforms to promote, mostly human inteterest stories, and alternative views.

Yesterday Baker posted about a ban on TikToc.

The back story is yet to come clean with the details, although there appears to be some happy trolls out there.

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