Wellington Protest-NZ

Media speculation had tried to predetermine protest numbers with estimates of a meagre crowd of 1000.

By 11.00 am social-media pictures began to dispell that rhetoric. There’s no ‘Official’ estimate yet although it’s not the first time we’ve seen this 1K propaganda from our mainstream.

Regardless of the eventual numbers some protestor’s travel plans will have been interrupted by the breakdown of the Cook Strait Ferry which can accurately be predicted to sail again from Wellington at 4pm.

Of course not everyone supports a protest led by evangelical pastor Brian Tamaki and are equally inclined to express their view on social-media.

It’s far from a pretty place all the time.

Tamaki’s Destiny Church has its political vehicle, a registered party named VisionNZ and a protest vehicle “Freedom and Rights Coalition” (FARC or FRC) that has led recent protests including this one.

Tamaki, pictured above in what appears to be a verbal altercation with another man at the protest.

The numbers are not the FRC alone. Voices for Freedom VFF and United NZ and other groups while initially distancing themselves from Tamaki had decided closer to the time to put differences aside and protest a unified front.

Tamaki has recently tried to assemble some of the minor parties into an alliance to contest the 2023 election. An idea that had originated early in 2021 with former New Conservative leader Leighton Baker failing to achieve any workable agreement at that time. DemocracyNZ, a new political party that formed out of the Febuary parliamentary protest has been very successful in its initial development and has applied for registration.

The Prime minister’s Disinformation Project had been active in trying to censor alternative media in the lead up to this protest, with Stuff News producing a controversial account of the February protest and the taking down of Chantelle Baker’s Facebook Page.

Killing the Kiwi way of life in a common theme.

Zeb Jackson Live

There will be no shortage of live streams during the protest. Zeb Jackson is on the ground along with others, and Baker is now operating from a new platform, Operation People’.

The end result would appear to be counter-productive to the stated need to reduce misinformation.
A more likely reality is that minor New Zealand political parties and our rapidly developing alternative media are a growing threat to Ardern’s political longevity.

Meanwhile Jacinda Ardern has her own problems inside of parliament after a week long battle with her suspended Hamilton West MP.

Gaurav Sharma, is facing an uncertain future after allegations of bullying and corruption from Ardern’s Executive that we will no doubt hear more about later today.

Following on from yesterday’s major story where we saw Australian journalist Avi Yemeni stopped from entering New Zealand is an update from Rebel News

Rebel News did still manage to get a reporter on the ground in time for today’s protest.

A small ANTIFA crowd was kept separate from the Freedom Groups.

While they have dispelled any doubt that an ANTIFA Group does exist they certainly wouldn’t inspire any confidence in their sources of history.


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