Ardern Must Go

Jacinda Ardern

It was only a short time ago, four years, that we were reasonably allied as a nation in making some collective progress.

The relatively peaceful development that should have followed, even with a change of government, quickly lead to increasing and concerned challenges about the deterioration in our standard of governance.

This situation existed prior to Covid, and has been dramatically avoided by the use of an exaggerated narrative.

At some point we must realistically return to and deal with not only the prior situation but the consequences of the chain of events that occurred during the Covid response.

We’re following, at this time apparently, a full-blown effort to defeat a common enemy but with capricious arguments over the validity of continuing to remain doing this.

We’ve reached the same dysfunctional position twice under the current administration.

Both at the time Covid surfaced and now, we have a common theme of failing to take account of the pressing needs existing and requiring action, in respect of each occasion, and we should prefer once again that any solution will be primarily political and delivered as convenient.

But the political internalization of ideology without economic rationalization can only end badly and worse still we appear to have stalled in the absence of any significant leadership in government.

That sets too many minds to play trying to determine what might be expected to happen rather than what we confidently could be doing in the knowledge of what is known to be happening.

We saw a similar situation briefly after the Black Budget and commercial uncertainty then but we can be grateful for the leadership at that time which saw us recover our sanity in under six months.

In the absence of joint objectives, the leadership of meaningful purpose of government and a functioning parliament one can have only negative expectations.

That’s not acceptable today any more than it has ever been from any previous primeminister and Ardern needs to be given the very clear message to vacate the position of PM.