A Clash of Culture

She was an attractive girl. Well to me, but does that matter. She was from a local Pa, and I was just a school kid, did it matter?

You know, boys being boys, I said hello. She smiled.

Back then, at high school, when we walked from class to class for the next period, I guess you talked to whoever you wanted to. Whatever was on your mind. Whatever was most important to you.

I tried to talk to her a couple of times as we crossed the quad between classes. She answered me, but there was something wrong, something I couldn’t see.

You know how girls are, in their little clicks – one of her friends came to me and explained.

I know you like her. But if the boys see her talking to a honky, they’ll tell on her, and she’ll get beaten up. If you care for her, just stay away and leave her alone.

So, I did. She went her way, I went mine. She escaped. Got married.  Had a couple of kids. Last I heard, she was in Aussie.

I hope she is happy. I hope she will always be happy.