Tania Tapsell

The new Mayor of Rotorua

A councillor since the age of 21 and now Mayor of Rotorua in her third term at age 29. It’s a personal success story fronting up to one of the most difficult jobs in New Zealand today – Mayor of what used to be the tourist town of ‘RotoVegas’ a city decimated by Jacinda Ardern’s pandemic insanity.

Auckland, our supercity, has its issues too, but I wouldn’t make Tania Tapsell the new Mayor of Auckland or Wayne Brown the new Mayor of Rotorua.

That’s New Zealand, a country of great diversity in many respects, regionally and locally as well, and that requires purposeful talent to suit each circumstance.

That aside, Tapsell’s success is a strange irony for those that remember her grandfather, Labour Speaker Sir Peter Tapsell.

If this election has been a slap down for the Red Queen, with voters sending many left wing incumbents packing, Tapsell has been equal to the occasion in delivering a king hit to Mahuta, and the Māori Caucus.

To the Minister for Local Government Nanaia Mahuta, as Tapsell oppossed 3 Waters as a councillor. She may however, support whatever National’s alternative is, and that’s still an unknown, whereas many would rather see a compete return to the independence of Local Body management.

To the Maori Caucus in their pursuit of co-governance. The myth is that the Maori Caucus represent 16 – 17 % of those identifying as Maori.

They don’t. That Elite group represent more like 4% of Māoridom, much to the annoyance of the other 12 – 13 % who regard themselves as New Zealanders with Maori ancestry.

That group exist throughout NZ and have a tough time having their political position recognised.

In that respect a significant load rests of Tapsell’s young shoulders and she isn’t going to get an easy ride through the next 3 years trying to rebuild a city when the country is not yet through its economic recovery and struggling to rebuild its tourism.

It’s grand opportunity though, and if Tapsell seizes the day and the success, she’s a hero in the making.


DNZ – Lee Smith

A Te Awamutu Local, and former New Conservative candidate (Election 2020) Lee Smith has been confirmed as the DemocracyNZ candidate for Taranaki-King Country, Party Leader Matt King, announced earlier today

Referencing the party’s biography Smith,

has lived in the King Country, for more than 20 years, and over that time has run a successful local business. She was born and raised in Taranaki. Lee’s father was a dairy farmer. Lee credits her parents for instilling in Lee a passion for farming and an unwavering drive and commitment to advocate for the rural sector. She is a wife, a mother of six and a grandmother, and in between supporting her children’s sports teams and participating in community activities, Lee is an avid gardener. Family is her number one priority.


King, is quoted as saying, “Lee, joined DemocracyNZ after becoming increasingly concerned about the downward trajectory of New Zealand’s economy and social cohesion under this Labour Government.”

Smith is quoted as saying, “I’m grateful to be the DemocracyNZ candidate for Taranaki-King Country. Putting my name up for DemocracyNZ is a responsibility and commitment that I do not take lightly. We are an emerging Party, but we are becoming a political force. There are many people who currently feel politically homeless and DemocracyNZ is the answer to that uncertainty. I will be working extremely hard to win Taranaki-King Country for DemocracyNZ.

I have always been interested in service for the community and our country. My favourite political quote is from the Athenian General, Pericles, who said ‘Just because you do not take an interest in politics, doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you’.”

Party Leader Matt King

King concluded by saying, DemocracyNZ is a growing party and will continue to carry out candidate selection over the coming months in the lead-up to the #NZElection2023.

Aside from Matt King who has already announced his Northland candidacy as a priority for DemocracyNZ, Lee Smith is the only other candidate announced to date.

King has previously been the Northland MP from 2017 – 2020 however National lost that seat to Labour’s Willow-Jean Prime by 163 votes in 2020.

Te Awamutu Launch Fri 30th September 2022

Party leader Matt King with Taranaki-King Country Candidate Lee Smith

At what can only be described as a very successful launch in Te Awamutu tonight, Lee Smith is pictured above with Matt King after addressing a full house of more than 200 locals.

Steve Cranston and Lee Smith

Lee, pictured above with Groundswell spokesman and guest speaker Steve Cranston who addressed the rural community on the complications of climate change legislation.

Steve Cranston (Groundswell) Lee Smith and Matt King

Matt King finished the evening by bringing the speakers together for a Q and A session. Smith was asked for her thoughts on Education and advocated for greater parental involvement, back to basics on numeracy and literacy, and better trades training for the boys.

DemocracyNZ Party Registration

Stand For Democracy

The NZ Prime minister announced yesterday that the COVID traffic light system would end at midnight, and that all vaccine mandates will end on 26 September 2022.

Matt King

“It’s a victory for all of us who have been fighting this from the very start – but there is more to do.” Said, Matt King, party leader of the newly formed, DemocracyNZ.

12 September 2022

Politics is about people and standing up for what is right especially when unpopular – that takes courage.

Let’s not forget all those who were unnecessarily fined or faced prosecution over the mandate lunacy, and anyone who lost their livelihood, their home or loved ones through this madness.

Let’s also remember that no one in Parliament made a stand against this lunacy.

Our government might like us all to forget about their handling of COVID before the election rolls around about this time next year.

DemocracyNZ will have its bottom lines should it be in a position to be part of our next Government.

In a statement responding to Jacinda Ardern’s post cabinet announcement yesterday, the DemocracyNZ leader, made his party’s position very clear.

“We will insist on a Royal Commission of Inquiry into the handling of COVID – with the right to recommend prosecution.” Said, Matt King.

DemocracyNZ 12 September 2022

Entrenching the Bill of Rights into a binding and irrefutable piece of legislation is also not negotiable.

Continue to stand up and never let this happen again, was King’s bottom line, while his party continues to roll out an old-school roadshow meeting with people from all walks of life and from all across the country.

Democracy Candidates 2022 Local Body Elections

I’m going around in circles on this one.

I thought there was only a few “Democracy Candidates” but turns out there are heaps of them. I ended up calling them Democracy Candidates rather than what some might have been calling themselves.

Then, of course our mainstream media got in on the act and started labeling particular candidates “those sort of candidates”.

Some candidates want to be left alone to promote themselves and not be part of any collective group.

If you’re like me, I pay attention to national politics and am somewhat remiss when it comes to Local-Body shenanigans.

I really wouldn’t know who to vote for at a local level this election.

If you want to put yourself on this Democracy Page I’ll leave that up to individual candidates.

I’ll put Dave Diack up first as he is actively promoting the joint effort and has started a Patriots Canadidates Facebook Group.

Dave Diack

Dave DiackSouthland

Oreti Community Board

The way l see things is that local body politics is the last line of defence against the overthrow of democracy in NZ and is the one which is closest to my front gate so it is there where l will make my stand to defend my family, my home, my community and my country.

My view is that democracy is under attack in NZ and that local government is being disempowered by central government. Furthermore that SDC direction is being set by others far removed from our district and who have no care for you, I or our communities. Personally I do not agree with nor want that, hence my reason for standing.

There are only two sides in this battle and it’s time to pick one. If you are against central government control then you are on my side. Pick me’.

Phil Barrett

Phil Barrett – Clutha District

Clutha Valley Ward

My motivation to stand for council has came from complete frustration with the current system. I am a staunch believer in democratic process,freedom of speech and freedom from oppression.
The present council has minimalized people’s concerns, played a role in ignoring proper process and displayed contempt for people who simply want to be listened to.
A council is dysfunctional without trust and support from the ratepayers,and the ratepayers need to know their council is batting for them. I want to be part of the change in culture that will bring the voice of the people to the front of any debate regardless of whatever situation that arises.
I want to carry the people’s message to council and have it listened to. I am standing in the clutha Valley ward in the clutha district.