The Auckland Swamp

Wayne Brown has been elected Mayor of Auckland City and whether he likes it or not he’s being talked up as a head-busting swamp-draining “Warrior Without Woke” limitations.

Wayne Brown

That has had some people resign already and will have others wondering if they will keep their job within the Auckland City Council.

It’s been an issue in the building for a while – an admission made to me that it was an easy place for some people to get a job that they didn’t deserve or wasn’t required.

The upside though, is that there will be many people in Auckland who wanted to know that it was worthwhile having another go.

Those hard call moments in business, if you haven’t been in that position, can be hard to understand. They are tough life decisions in hard times.

Do I keep going? Dare I have a go?

For Auckland, Brown will be a very visual incentive to thousands of people. At times, that’s all it takes – the knowledge that other people are singing to a tune called self-responsibility.

Given that our national politics is at a standstill, stalled by a government defending unwanted policy, and a compromised Opposition, our local body initiatives are paramount to a recovery that starts now, rather than after the 2023 election.

Auckland is one of two places I’ve got my eye on, and rightfully so as journalism can play a important role in assisting any recovery.

Tania Tapsell

Rotorua is the other.

In both cases with right-wing Mayors fresh in the job, woke journalism chasing sob stories rather than success stories will be a hindering, rather than a helpful force.

Auckland is still the centre of secondary GDP, and Rotorua could be the heart of tourism again, but realistically it’s Tapsell that has the tougher job ahead of her.


EU Raging at Pfizer-CEO

Firey broadcasts have errupted on social media after Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, cancelled his participation in yesterday’s EU COVID-19 special committee‼️

See yesterday’s updated post. with video clips from

MEP Christine Anderson who has been a strong critic of the EU pandemic response claiming,

Apparently, CEO Bourla did not have the courage to face our questions about the deleted SMS text messages between him and EU President Ursula von der Leyen and the still redacted vaccine contracts.

Christine Anderson

Therefore, together with some colleagues, I had initiated the action “Pfizer-CEO” said, Anderson.

“Where is transparency?”

In order to make visible, directly in the committee, [the] “audacity and ruthlessness [of] those responsible” and profiteers of the COVID narrative [who] evade democratic control by members of the EU Parliament.

We therefore now need a genuine – legally binding – committee of inquiry.

“However, my point of order was blocked by the chairwoman of the committee in violation of the rules.” Said, Anderson.

“Who else is in cahoots with whom here”?

Christine Anderson (AfD) Member of the European Parliament, doesn’t mince her words when it comes to the Pandemic Response or Canadian Prime minister, Justin Trudeau whom she describes as “A disgrace to democracy.”

PHOTO: Whangārei 14:10:2022.

Shocking Even Criminal

I published this article “NZ Covid Inquiry” just over a month ago. It’s growing more relevant by the day.

Our mainstream are more inclined to publish scary pandemic sequels than relevant information on subsequent inquiries in other countries – the reality is that they do exist and there will be outcomes.

They may not as a few individuals wish be a repeat of the illegal post war military trials at Nuremberg with offenders swinging from gallows.

Our current situation with what New Zealand has left in terms of functioning government, is that the decision makers are hiding behind our emergency legislation with any enquiries regarding “Covid Inquiries” restricted to answers by Prime minister Ardern or her Covid Response Minister.

Without any great discussion the likely outcome (if that situation continues to March next year) is that any Pandemic Inquiry/ies occur in the term of the new government after the 2023 Election.

Can the question of passing a criminal threshold be answered already?

Presently the answer, regardless is likely to be, “No”. And that’s possibly nothing more than the sane option in response to the size of the logistics for New Zealand.

The other issue to consider is that if there is criminality, it is more likely to occur in New Zealand with the amount of relevant information that became available from other countries.

I don’t buy the argument that parts of New Zealand’s pandemic response could not be criminal, but I’m happy to be corrected if I’m wrong.

The difficulty we face then is that if Europe or other jurisdictions do find criminal prosecutions justified while our politicians (including our Opposition parties blind eyes approach) have been busily avoiding that possibility, we show ourselves to be even more irresponsible.

Updated Thursday 13th October

Things are starting to Pfizer up in the European Parliament

EU Raging at Pfizer-CEO

Tania Tapsell

The new Mayor of Rotorua

A councillor since the age of 21 and now Mayor of Rotorua in her third term at age 29. It’s a personal success story fronting up to one of the most difficult jobs in New Zealand today – Mayor of what used to be the tourist town of ‘RotoVegas’ a city decimated by Jacinda Ardern’s pandemic insanity.

Auckland, our supercity, has its issues too, but I wouldn’t make Tania Tapsell the new Mayor of Auckland or Wayne Brown the new Mayor of Rotorua.

That’s New Zealand, a country of great diversity in many respects, regionally and locally as well, and that requires purposeful talent to suit each circumstance.

That aside, Tapsell’s success is a strange irony for those that remember her grandfather, Labour Speaker Sir Peter Tapsell.

If this election has been a slap down for the Red Queen, with voters sending many left wing incumbents packing, Tapsell has been equal to the occasion in delivering a king hit to Mahuta, and the Māori Caucus.

To the Minister for Local Government Nanaia Mahuta, as Tapsell oppossed 3 Waters as a councillor. She may however, support whatever National’s alternative is, and that’s still an unknown, whereas many would rather see a compete return to the independence of Local Body management.

To the Maori Caucus in their pursuit of co-governance. The myth is that the Maori Caucus represent 16 – 17 % of those identifying as Maori.

They don’t. That Elite group represent more like 4% of Māoridom, much to the annoyance of the other 12 – 13 % who regard themselves as New Zealanders with Maori ancestry.

That group exist throughout NZ and have a tough time having their political position recognised.

In that respect a significant load rests of Tapsell’s young shoulders and she isn’t going to get an easy ride through the next 3 years trying to rebuild a city when the country is not yet through its economic recovery and struggling to rebuild its tourism.

It’s grand opportunity though, and if Tapsell seizes the day and the success, she’s a hero in the making.

Eyes On Europe

Giorgia Meloni

European stability was strained under the possibility of a more conservative Europe, with Italian polls suggesting, that would be the likely election result.

With the election over and Meloni’s Brothers of Italy Party winning 26% of the vote that will certainly fan the flames in Brussels and add to the established conflict that Polland and Hungary already have with European President, Ursula von der Leyen.

Ursula von der Leyen

Italian politicians accussed the EU President of trying to interfere in Italian elections with her stunning threats just days before voters went to the polls, when the EU President suggested that there were tools to deal with the wrong government.

If millions of Italians have dared to make the ‘wrong’ choice …to deviate from von der Leyen’s preferences for their own country does democracy now have an unresolvable conflict in the EU?

How long before those ‘tools’ might be used against Italy and who is the extremist here?

Pacific Pickle

Covid responses have left the Pacific a divided region with the most disparite responses seen within New Zealand’s Dependencies.

The Cook Islands has signaled to the world that they are ready to get back to business as normal.

Following their border restrictions being lifted in January, Prime minister Mark Brown was reported as saying, their only choice was to live with this virus.

This week any vaccination requirements were also lifted, following on from the recent removal of the requirement for a pre-depature test.

Tourist numbers have not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels and their statistics show that recent visitors are close to 100% Kiwis.

Tokelau on the otherhand still has closed borders. Its three atolls (with a combined population of around 1500) have remained covid free to date.

Fakaofa Atoll, is seldom mentioned as they achieved a 100% compliance in their covid rollout, while the Taupalenga on Atafu and Nukunonu instituted house arrests for those not accepting mandated injections.

The Atafu Taupalenga have recently apologised to those placed under tunoa and while those affected are no longer subjected to house arrest, employment mandates remain in place.

Nukunonu Atoll (which has been largely disconnected from the outside world for the past week with some form of internet disruption) has become the centre of controversy and growing international attention.

One family remain under house arrest and with no indication of any pending modification to the current tunoa are facing an uncertain future.

Looking further afield, New Zealand’s former territory of Samoa has developed a complicated compliance strategy that would deter even seasoned travellers while causing considerable angst among the nation’s significant diaspora.

It also came to light in the last week that some non-compliant travellers had entered Samoa by paying a $250wst exemption fine.

Current inquiries are yet to establish how “Official” this fee is and who might make use of that opportunity.

Apia (Samoa) is the last final destination for anyone seeking to travel to Tokelau also, which as stated above still has closed borders.

During the Tokelau lock-down, it’s main passenger and supply ship has been in Auckland undergoing maintenance.

The Samoa to Tokelau run is currently serviced by the much older and slower Kalopaga which takes an additional 16 hours one-way on a good day. The service is often disrupted by medical evacuations.

Samoa is now collecting Tokelau nurses, who having accompanied a medivac patient are unable to return to Tokelau.

Kapulaga entering Apia.

The Kapulaga arriving in Apia this morning after a 36 hour trip from Tokelau’s northern atoll, with the Atafu Dr being the patient in Tokelau’s current medical emergency, in what is being described as a recent surge of events.

Tokelau’s main ferry, Mataliki, seen above entering service in 2016 is currently undergoing maintenance in Westhaven, Auckland.

Fire and Futility

Jacinda Ardern and Trevor Mallard

Following the high profile departure of New Zealand’s former Speaker, the unwanted Trevor Mallard, and with increasing calls for Prime minister, Jacinda Ardern’s resignation, the country’s diet may soon progress from a tasteless word salad to, Ardern’ Aperitif and Roasted Duck.

From the steaming discontent, and even though Ardern abandoned her tedious Traffic Light System and seemingly most mandates on Monday, the country is looking at another day of nationwide protest this Saturday.

Paula Penfold

The shadows of discontent cast by the parliamentary protests relentlessly pursue Ardern’s crippled government, despite pointless propaganda from their burnt-out media industry and its tiresome relics, Paula Penfold et al, also casting their careers into Ardern’s flaming pit.

Matt King

Outcast National MP (and the only one to stand their ground against Ardern’s mandates – now former member of the House of Representatives) Matt King, spoke from outside the NZ parliament in Wellington yesterday, reminding voters how he had been the first of many of the country’s former MPs to be issued a trespass notice – an extraordinary warning of pending arrest should any of the recipients of Mallard’s madness dare to present themselves on the country’s hallowed ground.

Adrian Rurawhe

Newly appointed Speaker, Adrian Rurawhe has since issued an apology, whilst scrambling to return some decorum to a struggling democratic institution, describing his predecessor’s actions as “unreasonable and irrational.”

Likewise, the departing Mallard’s tail feathers on the horizon of a diplomatic post as the next Ambassador to Ireland … isn’t flying well with a discontent public, either.

Now, as leader of the newly formed DemocracyNZ party, King said, he was still hearing of the effects of what he describes as Ardern’s lunancy.

While Ardern had told the country’s employers it was up to them to decide how they proceeded, King said he had information about DHBs continuing the government’s mandates for their staff.

The Pacific Island Community of West Auckland also received an interesting invitation to an upcoming travel lottery, although it is yet to be confirmed if a DHB is responsible for this particular event.

In a country still struggling for a return to normality, Ardern’s resignation would be a welcome advance to many, however she is unlikely to honour any calls to depart with the decency of her position and go with grace.

Source: Today’s Curio Poll

Covid is Over – NZ

Today’s Covid announcement by New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern will be a relief to some Kiwis while others will say, “We don’t need to spend money on a Royal Commission of Inquiry when there are far more important things to take care of. Fixing potholes, for example.”

The key points are noted in the NZ Daily Report.

The reality of many people’s daily lives though, will still be a prosecution or a persecution that should never have been allowed to occur.

A Health Order made contrary to good advice including health advice is a political weapon and one which went on to destroy lives and businesses, and launch unnecessary prosecutions.

Many of those are yet to run their course.

On Nukunono Atoll in the Tokelau Group one of New Zealand’s Dependancies a family of four are heading into their 14th month of house arrest for refusing mandatory vaccination for covid.

For many people the covid consequences are not over.

Matt King, Leader of DemocracyNZ

DemocracyNZ a new political party that grew out of the Wellington Parliament Protest earlier this year responded later in the day with a definitive statement of their own.

Italy Heading Conservative

Giorgia Meloni

Voters in Italy (Europe’s fourth-largest economy) go to the polls to elect a new parliament on 25 September 2022, predicted to be dominated by conservatives.

What’s the story and why does it matter?

The vote could have far-reaching consequences not only for Italy but for the EU if a coalition led by Giorgia Meloni’s far-right “Brothers of Italy” party, succeeds as well as their current polls are predicting.

Even though Meloni’s alliance with Matteo Salvini’s hardline, anti-immigration League and Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia has emphasised its commitment to the EU bloc and to Nato.

The election is a snap election, due to the Italian government crisis, which led to the resignation of Prime Minister Mario Draghi, and resulted in President Sergio Mattarella dissolving the Italian Parliament on 21 July, eight months before its natural expiration.

Draghi continues to head the government as caretaker prime minister.

In a rapidly changing global political picture that has delivered a change of PM in Britain these winds of change will likely sweep down to New Zealand and influence our next election.

Updated 27 September

The response is both predictable and regrettable.

Apologies to Italy.