That Deflating Feeling

Yes, the world – the corporate world that is, not the real world – is in deflation.

This is not recession. This is deflation.

Acolades may have been poured on Bernarke for his ‘management’ of the 2008 financial crisis. It wasn’t rocket science – what we did last time was a bit of a disaster, let’s do the opposite and see how we get on.

Whether you take the high road or the low road, they both lead to the same place, and that’s where the world is headed, and there’s no stopping the inevitable.

For anyone stuck in the balltrap, life can become most unpleasant, especially those fighting to retain the dream.

It is not an individual problem alone – the scale of what is faced this time rises to confront even countries, of which New Zealand is not amune.

It’s a dificult choice.

Go with the flow of the tide, and preserve our future in the common good, or manipulate the circumstance to the advantage of the few.

If you’re awake you can see what we’re doing at the moment, as a country, and like this frivolous flag issue, it is most probably not what most of us want.