Where Is Tinetti

As we saw earlier this week, the Corrections and Border workers mandates were disposed of via a post to the Covid Response Minister’s website, late Tuesday evening.

The spot light currently falls on healthcare workers although it should at least cast a shadow in the direction of our striking fireman and the fire stations forced to close due to lack of staff.

Although it is not publicly acknowledged we’re reliably informed that, part of that protest includes emergency workers not releasing private health information so numbers are not reduced further, leaving the country in an even more vulnerable position.

FENZ is administered as part of the Department of Internal Affairs, for which Minister Jan Tinetti is responsible.

FENZ in a statement released this morning said their position had not changed:

“The Government is currently considering refining the definitions in the COVID-19 Public Health Response (Vaccinations) Order 2021, with the intention of narrowing the role coverage.”

This effectively is Board Chairman Rebecca Keoghan reinforcing the same message we saw 2 months ago as an advocate for Tinetti, not a responsible CEO for FENZ.

There may well be some truth in the allegations leveled by Todd Muller this week, that there is missing funds in FENZ to be accounted for and that’s why we see this extraordinary remote position from, Tinetti.

According to FENZ Board advisor, Richard Bryant “Fire and Emergency is receiving regular updates from the Ministry of Health so that it is as prepared as it can be for any changes.”

This seems somewhat at odds with the position of Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis, who had no idea on Monday that his Corrections mandates were going Tuesday. How could they have been prepared?

Even more so, when the Ministry of Health has its own dire situation, but FENZ refuses to disclose what information it receives.

“In the meantime, Fire and Emergency must continue to comply with the current Health Order.” Says Bryant.

So, we’re back to some undisclosed vague position and waiting for a recently appointed Covid Response Minister, to fix this, since Chris Hipkins has abandoned that position to fight fires in the police portfolio.

Forgive the pun, but I’m sure you get my point; why isn’t Tinetti able to be responsible for the Department she is a Minister for?

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