NZ Excess Deaths

Not My Meme

Last Updated 2nd September 2022.

When these memes turn up in your inbox they can be quite frightening. Some of these things do turn out to be true. And if this were true, it would be quite extraordinary. It talks about last week and that immediatel makes it difficult to verify.

That would be more than double our normal deaths though and that would be visually obvious in mortuaries around the country.

My initial response is that it belongs to someone creating some drama to ‘support their own cause’ whatever that might be.

It’s an important issue though and we’ve seen a video in the last week from across the Tasman showing quite legitimately the Australian death rate is around 17% higher than normal.

That video points out that any Normal percentage change should be much lower around 3%.

As our population age increases that proportional difference is to be expected.

The only other anomaly I’m aware of is that, the 2020 year had a lower than normal death rate because of the covid response restrictions.

Depending on where you start at say 2017 or 2020 to work out your baseline the percentage difference changes

Looking the Australian video using only the covid period they arrive at a figure of 16 – 17 percent above normal.

If I use NZ figures from 2019 – 2021 my comparative figures are 14 – 15 percent. Slightly lower as I’ve suggested above.

If I make a direct comparison with the first 5 months of this year between Australia and NZ I suggest their figures are about 2% too high because they haven’t allowed for a lower death rate in 2020.

14 – 15 percent is still a legitimate concern and I’d rather have a legitimate concern than a competition with the Aussies over death rates

When I look at the covid deaths being reported in the mainstream and that would not be sufficient to say that these were Omicrom related deaths.

I haven’t been in touch with NZDSOS or any other other group that is keeping track of these concerns but if you have, I’d be interested to have here what you are hearing about our excess mortality.

The initial response is that this is a confusing post, and I’d agree. I got a statistician to explain the situation to me, rather than try to make sense if it myself.

Here is an interesting article from the UK with another point of view. on excess deaths.

Only a small fraction of them — around 300 — are from Covid, which has led to calls for an urgent investigation into what is behind the excess mortality.

And another set of eyes having a quick look:

For the year ending May, deaths have increased by about 9 percent between 2022 and 2021, or by about 7 percent when using the average number of deaths for the May years 2019-2021.

The July year shows a slightly larger increase in deaths, 13 percent between 2022 and 2021 July years, or a 10 percent increase between 2022 and the average across 2019-2021.

There’s definitely a dramatic effect if we only use the covid period. That provides an unrealistic calculation of our death rates.

We’re still left with an unexplained increase in all causes of mortality. Putting aside the discrepancy in calculations it appears reasonable to say that both Australia and New Zealand populations are dying at a rate of around 10% above what would have been expected pre covid.

Higher than normal death rates are not going to stop being a matter of discussion. Overseas trends show a high degree of official resistance to investigating causes.

The public response though is like suicide. Shock and Shame within the family and an unwillingness to discuss that death.

That part of human nature and grief is what officials and politicians will prey on to avoid inquiries and disclosures.

That’s what we see in this UK video.


Limbo Lower Tokelau

Tokelau Flag

The New Zealand administration of its Non-Self-Governing Dependency of Tokelau is nearing a century. The former Union Islands as one of New Zealand’s Pacific dependencies have grown towards becoming an independent Pacific nation during that time.

Their infrastructure includes a small Hospital and Health Centre on each of the three main atolls which are home to around 1500 residents.

Their electricity is predominantly solar with back-up generators that run on palm oil.

In spite of their advances into the modern world which includes a new section of Pacific cable that links the Tokelau group to other Pacific nations including Australia and New Zealand, they remain relatively isolated.

Situated 500 kilometers north of Samoa and with no airport the population relies of the regular seal-link from Samoa or in an emergency a helicopter.

The New Zealand Tokelau relationship has seen better times. Had it not been for NZs Pacific Corrider covid response that might still be the case. The atolls although they remain covid-free have closed borders and the culture has become somewhat traumatised and hysterical through their acceptance of NZ’s covid propaganda from “Her Excellency’s” Podium of Truth.

NZ Foreign Minister Nanaia Mahuta

Recently, NZ Foreign Minister, Nanaia Mahuta issued a statement (previous post) putting some distance between her Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the individual Taupalenga (Elders Council) pandemic rollout following a year of house arrests for those failing to accept mandatory injections.

NZ Tokelau Administrator Don Higgins

New Zealand’s relationship with Tokelau is managed by an Administrator (currently former Solomon’s diplomat Don Higgins) who reports to the Minister through MFAT (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade).

The relationship deteriorated again recently with neither MFAT or the Tokelau Government prepared to discuss an attempt by their General Fono (Collective Parliament) to make vaccination mandatory.

Ongoing tensions came to a head this week with separate rulings on the issue from each Taupalenga.

The circumstances of Fakaofo Atoll are unclear as they have a 100% jab rate for covid.

Atafu Atoll revised their tunoa, removing the conditions of arrest for unjabed residents however those affected are not allowed to return to their former employment. An issue that may progress to legal action against the Tokelau Government.

Nukunonu Atoll has descended into the unsavory realm of human rights violations by subjecting those under covid tunoa to indefinite detention without communication.

While the Nukunono Taupalenga have made claims of “those residents” misrepresenting them, this stops their covid captives continuing to communicate with their legal representation.

The Tokelau High Court is a division of the NZ High Court.

Progress on modification of the Tokelau Justice system had been under review for some considerable time but failed to reach any conclusive outcome according to a recent statement from a NZ Justice representative.

The General Fono had decided in May of this year to revive the conversation about independence within Tokelau and currently there is talk of a referendum on independence.

The hopefull outcome suggested was that Tokelau would move to full independence in early 2026 corresponding with a celebration of 100 years of NZ administration.

Recent events raise serious questions about the ability of the three Taupalenga to function as a collective government and within the confines of accepted international covenants that are clearly not being observed and respected.

Tokelau is a member of the United Nations in a group of developing nations.

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman

Green MP, and Human Rights lawyer, Golriz Ghahraman has been approached again yesterday for comment on the current deteriorating situation but is yet to respond.

Questions put to ministers about the consequential mental health issues for Tokelau have not been responded to.

Those Tokelau residents remaining under house arrest are supported by a dedicated group of volunteers based in NZ. Financial assistance can be provided through this link.

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Tokelau Mandates – Nukunonu

Once a Peaceful Pacific Paradise

Midday 30 August 2022.

In news just to hand the Nukunonu Taupalenga (Elders Council) have upheld the tunoa (house arrest) for the unvaccinated and cut their internet for spreading misinformation on social media.

The support team currently still has phone contact with the Patelesio family.

Updates on Atafu Atoll are in a separate post as each Taupalenga has made separate decisions regarding their individual tunoa.

Mahelino Patelesio

Using what’s left of their data supply Mahelino has sent a short video detailing events. Once the last of their remaining data is used for phone calls the Patelesio family remain under house arrest with no contact with the outside world.

If you are new to this story check out our Tokelau Category.

Recent coverage of Nukunonu House Arrests.

Evening of 31 August

Facebook Live from the Government of Tokelau


Email To Golriz Ghahraman MP and Human Rights Lawyer.

Post will be Updated

Ko te aia tatau o tagata uma o Tokelau e fakailoa i te Folafolaga Fakavaomalo mo Aia Tatau o Tagata, ma e atafia i na Poloakiga Fakavaomalo mo Tagata Lautele ma o Latau Hakoga Politiki

Tokelau Artist: Ana Patelesio

Sunday 11 September Nukunonu apparently had a substantial internet fault which left the Patelesio family unable to maintain contact with the outside world.


13:00 6th October

Apart from the odd message from Tokelau that the Patelesio were released from house arrest today, some three and a half weeks later they have finally managed to make contact with their support team in New Zealand.

Judging Jacinda

In a free and democratic society we all have a right to an opinion about how we see the world and that includes Jacinda Ardern’s “Open and Transparent” government. That opinion is not represented by one tick in the isolation and security of a ballot box at an election – that is a sacred place.

Yeah. That’s what it is. Freedom of expression in a democracy, and that hasn’t changed. What has changed is our government’s expectation that the people will sit down, shut up and be told what to think.

When we think for ourselves there is something we can do in a democracy and that’s called protest, which has been under threat too. Our Opposition’s response to the request of those asking to be heard has been inadequately remote.

We expect to see a leader in waiting as the Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition not a leader waiting for the other lot to get lost so they can be the next prime minister.

Parliament is ours … for our repsentatives to express opinions for us, and for us to express our opinions. We have ‘rightfully’ been defending that territory lately because it has been under imminent threat.

The expectation that in a free and democratic society journalists will seek the truth by reasonable inquiry and investigation has been squashed (not entirely but they’re determined) and the government’s duty to inquire into more serious and prominent matters dissolved into unacceptable self-interest.

All these elements of our democracy and more have been compromised or threatened under the leadership of our current prime minister, Jacinda Ardern. 

The more damage done the more determined the response will become. 

As reported in the Herald

The fake judge who convicted the Government of crimes against humanity in a mock trial during a Brian Tamaki-led protest at Parliament last week is under review by the prominent health provider that employs him. Rick Southey, the non-clinical national manager of Whānau Ora Community Clinic, was dressed in judicial robes with gavel in hand on Tuesday as he oversaw the mock trial, organised by Tamaki’s Freedom and Rights Coalition and watched by roughly 1500 protesters.

Back in the USSR you might have lost your job for criticism of the government. For this pantomime you would probably be dead. Not in a democracy and certainly not in ours.

if you want a comparison to this situation, look no further than EU Parliament MP Christine Anderson.

I have no idea what Anderson might think of Ardern’s behavior but she wasn’t shy about addressing the current Canadian prime minister.

Mr Trudeau, you are a disgrace to democracy.

Christine Anderson

So, is Ardern. We have managed to be disposed of our corrupt Speaker and Ardern should be next.

Here’s what Matt King had to say:

Mallard and Ardern have totally eroded any sense of decorum, decency and democracy in New Zealand Parliament. Holding the Govt to account is core to our democracy.


People’s jobs have been largely irrelevant during the pandemic response and deemed inconsequential in the face of mandates.

Rick Southey

This is a step further, if participation in an opinion of government in your own time, should cost Rick Southey his job.

Lawyer Stephen Franks joins the call

“The New Zealand Bill of Rights is being treated with contempt by occupational licensing bodies and employers who seem to think they are entitled to purge workplaces of opinions and beliefs that don’t align with establishment thinking.”

Stephen Franks

Tokelau Mandates – Atafu

21:30 29 August 2022

Indications coming through that the mandates have ended on Atafu Atoll in Tokelau.

We are not likely to get official confirmation until tomorrow morning but we have good indications from multiple sources.

05:30 30 August 2022

Hostilty and Humility on Nukunono.

Overnight we’ve had a report through from our isolated family on Nukunono Atoll. Under the cover of darkness gifts of food have been delivered to the Patelesio family after rocks were thrown at family’s house shortly after they turned their lights out for the night.

Updates as they become available.


As the situations are considerably different on each atoll updates on Nukunono will be in a separate post.


The Taupalenga [Elders Council Atafu] summoned us [those under tunoa/house arrest] and apologised. 

Midday Update 

The Taupalenga apology does not extend to a return to work for any of the unjabbed residents who lost their job as a result of the covid mandates. 

If you are new to this story check out our Tokelau Category.

Avi Yemeni on NZ

Following on from the shock of an Australian journalist being stopped from entering New Zealand to report on last week’s parliament protest, we will at least see Yemeni interviewed by a NZ media outlet.

Initial reporting by The BDF suggests police interference:

Leaked emails show NZ Police wanted to ban Avi Yemini and desperately sought intel from Interpol to support their desire


The story was reported here on WOS with a link to a live broadcast from Yemini after he was stopped at the airport.

Next is Sean Plunket with an analysis of The BDF Story.

Avi Yemeni interview on The Platform with Sean Plunket 30 August 2022.

Avi Yemeni interview on The Platform with Sean Plunket 5 September 2022.

Media Apology Tomorrow

The Wairarapa Times-Age will issue an apology tomorrow, after the news outlet found itself left wanting … following the organisation’s involvement in ‘an extraordinary attack’ on local body candidates over the past week, which appeared to be led by Stuff News.

Following in the footsteps of ‘Wellington based’ Stuff News reporter, Andrea Vance, who went to staggering lengths in an attempt to embarrass a Northland candidate, a spokesman for the paper described their behavior as falling short of “Responsible Journalism”.

The Wairarapa Times-Age will print an apology to those candidates affected by the organisations failure to meet reasonable standards.

The paper at this stage hasn’t named any of its staff who where involved, although one is believed to be a young free-lance journalist hired through the government’s public journalism funding scheme.

There may be more to come on this.

Well, if you call a comment under an online post an apology in their paper?

More Media Madness


Some form of journalistic enterprise? Yes, it is, even if the best way you can describe it, in a bloke’s short sentence is “Their Bullshit”.

That’s their story, a few mainstream journalists talking themselves up, and their attack dog efforts into something less sinister than the chatter they are so oppossed to, as that’s a “requirement” of some form of ideological journalism they worship.

Market Views

Are we to return to the Dark Ages, telling each other nursery rhymes, as any perceived dissent is subject to investigation by authority.

Shall we go back further to an age where drinking coffee became a crime punished by death to stop conversations in coffee shops to ease the irrational fears of the monarchy of the day.

These events have happened in our history but more precisely in our media history.

Fears can exist. Irrational fears can exist. Media can create them far quicker than remove them, because of human nature.

Democratic journalism shouldn’t have to remove such irregularities as it shouldn’t create them to begin with. At worst maybe quell some unrealistic rumours.

If anyone is suffering from irrational fears at the moment that would be Paula Penfold, she has said as much herself alongside her stated goal of rescuing a few people from their rabbit holes.

That’s jolly thoughtful of you, Paula … it’s a reflection of your former self, a past life you’ve exchanged for a walk on part in someone else’s war but you’re running with a bad crowd and you need to get yourself out of there.

Given that the public have generally lost faith in the mainstream, they’re certainly not going to buy into extremist-journalism. That is a far worse than any activist journalist peddling a dubious conspiracy theory.

When News Readers lose it …

Covid Coming Down

Wake up Sunday morning, and the narrative sounds like a kid kicking a can down the street.

The momentum continues to build, and we’ve been hitting milestones all week. The Covid Queen is coming apart at the seems. Jacinda Ardern’s fantasy world is crumbling.

Jacinda Ardern

Then, late yesterday, a British bombshell.

Rishi Sunak, British Chancellor of the Exchequer (2020 to 2022) and previously Chief Secretary to the Treasury dropped the covid clincher in the UK, mirroring Christine Anderson’s stance in the EU.

That will rock Cindy’s Monday morning chit-chat session with editors of New Zealand’s lame stream media.

Rishi Sunak

Sunak acknowledged lockdown never was backed by science, going on to say …

It was about models and suppositions, educated guesswork. It was driven by moods, emotion, fear – and, worst of all, politics masquerading as science

Earlier this week we saw the reality taking hold across the Tasman with the publication of Australia’s death statistics up to May of this year.

You Should Read This” … a post you may have seen already, talks about the frightening prospect of how much worse the Aussie situation could be by Christmas and the possible outcomes from the current 17% excess mortality rate.

When Dr Wojcik released his supposedly controversial video that was immediately cancelled off Facebook, APA their NZ watchdog at the time, weren’t able to provide any justification when I questioned their action and they backed down. It’s been a series of small hard earned wins, amid the abuse and ridicule for everyone who has joined the resistance or questioned the narrative along the way.

In another dispute discussed in this post we have Facebook actively pursuing Voices for Freedom. If you look at the post, that’s not social media but censorship butting heads with government propaganda in broad daylight.

Increasingly the conspiracy theories become the sanity and the reality of Ardern’s “New Normal” and NZDSOS look more like saints in waiting each passing day.

The nightmare is far from over though, and who knows what part each of us may end up playing in our immediate future as we continue to push for investigations into this country’s political atrocities and for acceptable resolutions – they won’t come easily.

Former Speaker Trevor Mallard

The removal of Trevor Mallard this week, is a major blow to Ardern and a relief for the country to see this irrational and childish politician gone.

Labour’s face saving antics turned to comedy when the newly installed speaker was forced to issue an apology from parliament and Mallard was announced as the next ambassador to Ireland.

While the rest of the world is generally far ahead of us in recovering from this global covidity, we’re playing catch up in Australia and New Zealand and watching, if you’ve been following the story, the mass hysteria clearly visible in our Tokelau Dependency.

That’s how we would have looked to the rest of the world before we managed to overturn Ardern’s mandates and wind back our government’s abuse of emergency.

This week’s march through Nuremberg by thousands of European Doctors and Healthcare workers is the continuing journey of analysis … and the quest for accountability … that we will be part of too.

That’s without mentioning,

Labour’s Sharma Drama

Another Protest at Parliament

An Australian journalist stopped from entering NZ

And among this week’s list of casualties, we had Counterspin Media arrested and charged and Chantelle Baker loosing her Facebook Page.

You Should Read This


First, why might this be the news that too many people might not want to know about. That’s a very human behavior and we often ignore what suits us when we can.

Second, the reason we shouldn’t behave like this on this occasion is that it is bigger than us, it affects our children and their future – we’re the adults and some of us have the additional responsibility of journalism and it’s a requirement of our occupation to inform you and let you make up your own mind – we’re not the media telling you what to think.

In a similar approach this video adds the humour of the “Nothing to See Here News.” But this is serious …

Overseas trends show an increase in mortality, a resistance to inquiries.

Discussed in a later post here.