DNZ – one year on

This time last year NZ was recovering from the confrontation at parliament between police and protestors and Matt King was announcing the formation on a new political party. (Wikipedia)

The registration of DemocracyNZ in October 2022 is one of a number of political transactions (as shown above) since Election 2020, but the most significant event in the minor party scene.

A minor party, but a major undertaking to establish a party and have a realistic chance of entering parliament in this year’s election.

King is very aware of the need to be ‘at the ready’ … We’re living with an unstable government that could implode at any time. DemocracyNZ has held more than 50 public meetings from Kaitaia to Bluff since its formation, and is “Election Ready”.

When I spoke to King in September last year he had not lost any enthusiasm for the growing party’s Stand For Democracy saying,

Politics is about people and standing up for what is right especially when unpopular – that takes courage.

Matt King

There was already talk of bottom lines, King’s determination to win back the Northland seat he had previously held as a National Party MP, and to take other like minded candidates with him to parliament – 3 more have been announced so far.

First up was former New Conservative candidate Lee Smith who opened her campaign in September 2022.

Second out of the blocks, Waikato agricultural advisor, Steve Cranston in November.

Both have been vocal in their respective strengths around Education and Groundswell Issues.

Third on the scene, which caused some considerable interest in Tauranga was local lawyer, Kirsten Murfitt, in February.

The party is celebrating its successes to date, in particular its appearance in recent political polls within a few months of registration.

No small achievement for a newly registered party in its first election and with a former MP as party leader, is elible to be included in major political debates.

This is where DemocracyNZ parts company with other minor parties. King has been very clear DNZ has no interest in joining other minor parties including the recently formed ‘umbrella party’ of FreedomNZ.

Tomorrow the party will announce two more candidates and perhaps have some Sunday Thoughts to chew over tomorrow night.

In the meantime here’s what Matt King had to say this morning.

more to come …

Sunday: 19th March

DemocracyNZ held a Facebook live session at 3.00pm today.


Matt King led a brief review of DemocracyNZ at their one year anniversary with the existing candidates, Lee Smith (Taranaki-King Country) Steve Cranston (Waikato) and Kirsten Murfitt (Tauranga)

Two further candidates were announced following the review but will not have candidate launches at this time.

Dr (Medical) Matt Shelton who will stand as a candidate in the Wellington Region, although there was no indication that Shelton would be a list only candidate.

Dr (Dental) Martin Langford who will stand as a candidate in the Napier electorate.

King stated that it was not appropriate to have a candidate launch in Napier at this time given the extent of the damage still being dealt with from Cyclone Gabrielle and Shelton’s electorate was yet to be decided.


TOP On The Board

The Opportunities Party TOP leader Raf Manji today announced the next 6 candidates in the party’s lineup following the leader’s launch in Ilam two weeks ago.

Raf Manji

Jessica Hammond
Co-Deputy Leader

Shai Navot
Upper Harbour
Co-Deputy Leader

Dr Nina Su | Epsom

Dr Ben Peters | Dunedin

Ciara Swords | Mt Albert

Damian Sycamore | Auckland Central 

The party recently modified its existing logo for this election.

Dangerous Territory

It’s frightening to watch but we are seeing the political disposal of free speech even without legislation. 

DemocracyNZ or Not?

So, would you agree that this is one of the most confusing times New Zealand has seen in its political history?

“It’s not responsible ‘to take options off the table'” Grant Robertson, said today, amid questions over potential flood tax.

Yet, these same people would exclude debates they don’t want to have from this election along with other political parties whose ideas you might like better.

This happens to an extent in every election year where the parliamentary parties will eliminate some issues early on to keep the election tidy often sidelining single issue parties – “It’s not an election issue.”

Among the minor parties we have now, sits DemocracyNZ.
Here is a party that is growing a candidate list who understand and can debate these issues and a party that has held public meetings throughout the country during the last 12 months.

Matt King already has a front bench that is capable of functioning in Parliament. That is one of the reasons I think we are seeing David Seymour fire up. Whether Seymour wants the top job or not he’s desperate for ACT to walk over any territory where DemocracyNZ candidates could shine.

ACT know they have some serious competition in Matt King who has already done one term in Parliament as a National MP but also what the public might not realise yet is with the quality of candidates standing for DemocracyNZ, they could easily win electorate seats where ACT would struggle to do this.

What we’re seeing with our two main parties, though is not an election but a competition for power – and after this week’s performance from Luxon some supporters will be taking a step back from National. 

If the politically homeless walkway and don’t vote for DemocracyNZ it’s a lost debate. The debate you could have had but will definitely not get if they don’t bother to vote.

Having said that, DemocracyNZ isn’t doing as much as it could to connect. The party has to make itself more visible than it is now.

DemocracyNZ – registration approved

The Electoral Commission has approved the registration and logo of the DemocracyNZ Party.

Registeted Logo

On 12 October 2022, the Electoral Commission approved the registration of DemocracyNZ and its logo under Part 4 of the Electoral Act 1993 and updated its register of political parties.

Matt King Party Leader

Party Leader, Matt King is understood to be making an announcement to party faithful at a DemocracyNZ meeting in Christchurch tonight.

credit Kiwi Voice

The party emerged from the parliamentary protest in Wellington in February, fighting government mandates.

King, a former policeman led the campaign against mandates for the armed services and police and continues to be an advocate for the pro-choice lobby.

Matt King and Lee Smith

Apart from King, who intends to stand as a candidate in Northland the party has also announced its Taranaki-King Country candidate, Lee Smith, pictured above at her launch in Te Awamutu on September 30, 2022.

Party Website http://www.democracynz.org

The only official policy area King has waded into outside of opposing the Government’s Covid-19 response, is climate change policy, also labeling the Opposition weak, claiming DNZ now had more farmers in its ranks than National.  

With a support base that saw more than 400 people turn out to his Chch meeting last night, DNZ must be considered a possibility to cross the 5% threshold at the 2023 Election.  

In what has no doubt been Ardern’s worst week in politics the PM hasn’t been able to impress.

Brand Jacinda is Broke

Update posted by Matt King, Tuesday 14 March 2023.

Ditch Climate Policy says New Conservative

Ted Johnson

New Conservative, a minor political party wants New Zealand out of the Paris Accord.

A proposed new levy on farmers for greenhouse gas emissions is Government “throwing both farmers and consumers under the climate bus” says New Conservative co-leader, Ted Johnson.

Johnson, also a candidate in the recent mayoral campaign in Auckland says the levy “will only benefit New Zealand’s competitors in international markets.”

There are good reasons why, as the Prime Minister says, “no other country in the world has yet developed a system for pricing and reducing agricultural emissions.”

Other countries have prioritised feeding their people over quixotic attempts to control the climate.New Zealand is a nation built on agricultural exports and this Labour Government’s proposal will only make it harder for our farmers to compete, while driving up grocery prices.

Our farmers are the best in the world. If, as the Government claims, there is a competitive advantage in reducing emissions, our farmers will be the first to move. Imposing yet another tax on farmers while incentivising the conversion of farms to forestry is both unnecessary and dangerous at a time of global food crisis.

Helen Houghton

The World Food Program estimates that 828 million people go to bed hungry every night and as many as 345 million face starvation.“Our farmers are part of the solution. Unfortunately our government is part of the problem,” says co-leader, Helen Houghton.

Their stated goal is to reduce sheep and beef farming by 24% and dairy farming by 7%, wiping out a large part of our food production for their anti-farmer agenda.

By their own admission it might even drive up global CO2 emissions as production is replaced elsewhere.

New Conservative calls on the Government to focus on real solutions to real pollution, and “abandon policies driven by climate change hysteria and doomsday modelling scenarios” says, Houghton.

New Conservative would remove New Zealand from the Paris Accord, abandon the ETS, and repeal the Carbon Zero Act.

New Conservative October 2022

Our Kiwi Fruit

Do you get the feeling Ardern wants to spend other people’s money according to some imaginary need?

The common complaint I hear from organisations like Groundswell who contest issues around climate change is … show us the science.

Steve Cranston and Lee Smith

Groundswell advocate Steve Cranston pictured above with Lee Smith from DemocracyNZ put it simply …

Show us the modeling you have used so we can see how you’ve worked this out.

That doesn’t sound like a big ask but this goes back to the formation of the Climate Change Commission that adopted a stance of experts advising the government which should be accepted by the rural communities and agricultural producers without question.

This we are told is democracy – it’s not of course, it is grass roots versus a political elite and that’s easily seen when the situation is reversed.

NZ Labour Feeling The Pressure

Next Monday, 12 September, will be the first time that many people will be bothered about what New Zealand’s Prime minister might have to say.

Recently there has been a spotlight on Ardern’s bumbling incompetence by overseas media and any reputation the Covid Queen might have secured since the pandemic outbreak, has turned to ridicule.

Jacinda Ardern

There is speculation now about just how far reaching Ardern’s post cabinet conference will go come Monday – without doubt Ardern’s biggest “Announcement of an Announcement” to date.

The Traffic Light System, masks, mandates, covid legislation, all said to be up for review.

With Ardern’s government facing instability and embarrassment this week, and rumours swirling of a breakaway party forming as a consequence, there is little option but to risk disappointing her woke snowflakes and her misinformation stalwart faithful.

Podium of Struth

Ardern has only her own “Dias of Disinformation” to blame for her current sad situation. Her Podium of Truth has come close to crushing not only her political party but also her propaganda partner STUFF News

Internationally though, a new Prime minister in Britain is also a significant challenge as Liz Truss moves quickly to establish her recovery credentials.

Ardern can’t afford to head to America this month with a career ending mess on her heels, to attend a Pacific Leaders conference.

It is now a calm before the storm until, Monday.

Mandate Oppression

The Government must immediately release those New Zealanders Social Credit Leader, Chris Leitch has called “prisoners of conscience.

Social Credit is calling on the government to release over 3000 prisoners of conscience it has locked out of their specialties for refusing to accept its Covid 19 mandates dictate.

More than 3000 GP’s, nurses, midwives, doctors, anaesthetists and other health care professionals have been unable to practice their vocation – that of healing kiwis – when the country is facing an enormous health care crisis.

At a time when there is a shortage of approximately that same number, having so many health care professionals locked out of the system makes no sense.

New Zealand is virtually the only country in the world that still has mandates in place for its medical profession.

It is now universally accepted and proven scientifically and statistically, that getting jabbed does not prevent the transmission of Covid 19.

There is therefore no justification for those mandates to still be in place.” Said, Leitch.

Continuing with them can only have one reason –  persecution of doctors and nurses and other medical professionals who had the ‘temerity’ to say no to the government’s Pfizer jab programme and it belies the ‘politics of kindness’ face the government likes to put on.

It has now also become persecution of patients, and of doctors, nurses, and other staff working under enormous stress in health care and particularly in impossible situations in hospital emergency departments.

In the same way the government supported workers during the lockdowns it now needs to pay compensation for lost income to all those medical professionals whose employment was terminated as a result of the mandates, including those like GP’s, dentists, and physiotherapists who were barred from operating their own practice.

They not only lost their jobs, but also their income, their family’s security, and in many cases, their home and their future career prospects and are facing financial ruin.

“To not do so would be the height of discrimination.” Concluded, Leitch.

New Conservative Conference – 2022

Pictured, Helen Houghton and (Auckland Mayoral Candidate) Ted Johnson, the current co-leaders of the New Conservative Party.

We hear you New Zealand is the theme of this year’s annual conference to be held in Christchurch in October.

Alfred Ngaro

Former MP Alfred Ngaro will be the guest speaker on the evening of the 8th October after the AGM.

New Conservative is encouraging its Christchurch members and those from neighbouring areas to attend the March for Life at 2pm Saturday 17th September in Victoria Square, Christchurch.

“Both co-leader Helen Houghton and spokesman Chris O’Brien will be there.” As advised by Party Secretary, Dieuwe de Boer.

Fuel Security

Minister should release fuel storage capacity report immediatelySocial Credit.

The admission by Energy Minister, Megan Woods, that within days of the country’s only oil refinery being about to shut down … she had;

No idea of how many days refined fuel storage the country had or should have, is almost beyond belief.

Social Credit leader, Chris Leitch

Woods also directing, MBIE to hurry up on a report on mandatory onshore holdings.

Both Woods and the cabinet apparently relied on oil company assurances that they could maintain consistent supplies of refined fuel.

Leitch claims the Minister misunderstands that international corporations have only one focus – increasing profits to pay out larger dividends to shareholders, not the best interests of the country they operate in.

Channel Infrastructure [the company that owned the refinery] demonstrated that focus quite clearly when, despite having publicly committed not to, they proceeded to gut all the major processing units, and cut off electrical feeds to them at ground level immediately after shutting the refinery down to ensure the plant would never operate again.

The report the Minister wanted should have been done prior to her presentation of a report to cabinet in September last year, which outlined options and should have been included with that report.

An assessment of the number of days of refined fuel the country could currently store was essential information for the cabinet to know to help it determine whether to intervene and stop the closure.

Lack of supply has the potential to cripple the entire economy so instead of keeping the report secret which the Minister and MBIE are doing, the ministerial briefings should be immediately released so that our key business sectors know what they are dealing with.

Chris Leitch

Our two biggest earners of overseas exchange, tourism and farm products would be at risk if international airlines could not refuel here, our transport fleet would be unable to get goods to retailers and food into our supermarkets, farm products to processors and export ports, our fishing fleets would be confined to port, and fire, ambulance, and helicopter rescue services could not operate.

MBIE admitted in evidence to the select committee dealing with Social Credit’s 18,300 signature petition that the country had only eighteen days average stocks of refined fuel storage capacity and they suggested we should be aiming to get closer to Australia, which had twenty eight days.

What they failed to mention was that Australia also had two refineries still in operation while New Zealand’s only refinery had been shut down and was in the process of being gutted.

Chris Leitch – Social Credit

“To rely on oil company assurances was the worst option the Minister and Cabinet could have adopted.” Concluded Leitch.