DNZ On Mandates

On Tuesday this week, the Govt quietly announced on the Beehive page that after 5pm on 02 July 2022, vaccine mandates would end for border workers and corrections.

Given how much this Govt loves making big announcements about everything, including an announcement, it’s quite sneaky that they would do this so discretely. Healthcare and fire and emergency services are still under extreme pressure caused by the mandates, but the Govt won’t budge on this.

With the crisis in healthcare and emergency services, you’d think some common sense would prevail and the Govt would put a stop to the mandates once and for all. DemocracyNZ has been against the mandates from the very beginning, even when all the other parties in Parliament supported them. They are wrong, they are undemocratic, and they have to end for everyone. This is no more other than discrimination, there is no health reason for these mandates.


Find the news our MSM doesn’t report.

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