Covid Vaccine Wise

For a young man with special needs and a heart murmur the best he could have hoped for during our covid vaccine rollout was a mother who happened to be a lawyer.

“Pfizer now admits myocaditis is a risk of the vaccine to young men his age” says, Kirsten Murfitt, who is also the DemocracyNZ candidate for Tauranga in this year’s general election.

In the extreme her young man was prohibited from using a public toilet during what Murfitt describes as “The irrational and discrimatory traffic light system” that former prime minister, Jacinda Ardern and former Director General of Health, Ashley Bloomfield used to support New Zealand’s vaccine rollout.

Vaccine status was everything in our divided society … a position that was unquestionably clearly supported by Ardern and for many people one that was accepted without question.

But now, says Murfitt, our health system does not record the vaccine status of deaths following the roll out of a new vaccine [one] which is still under provisional approval.

There are questions yet to be answered.

Why doesn’t the vaccine have full approval?

Why doesn’t the Government want to gather data?

I have “A moral duty” says Murfitt, to speak out as a lawyer and to protect our fundamental democratic principles for future generations. 


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