Trade Backlash after Posie Parker Protest

Posie Parker departing Auckland following an abandoned event.

Questions must now be asked of Minister Davidson who openly represented the NZ Government in her capacity of Prevention of Violence Minister.

Davidson caused outrage with her comments, alleging, white cis men were responsible for violence.

A report in the NZ news platform, Newshub this morning indicated the start of what could be a serious trade and produce backlash against NZ.

Her [Posie Parker] treatment drew a wave of negative attention on Twitter, with #ShameOnNewZealand trending on Saturday.

Asked this morning for comment, DemocracyNZ leader, Matt King said,

It seems the right to free speech has been hijacked in this country by a goverment which has created massive division and conflict with its ideology-driven policy and actions.

Matt King – DNZ

Another headache for newly appointed Prime minister, Chris Hipkins, as far as errant ministers go after the Stuart Nash Affair.

Following police failing to maintain law and order at the weekend’s events, Davidson has created another headache for her Labour colleague, newly appointed police minister, Ginny Andersen.

More to come on this story, obviously …

NZ suffers international hastag backlash

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