About the Master and Her Apprentice

When Sci-fi comes to life – on your TV screens now, starring …

Jacinda Ardern

Normally you would expect a PM to see her successor in her caucus but in the case of our megalomaniac a more realistic concept would be an apprentice in the media. In the case of Sinead Boucher the current owner of Stuff News most likely long before anyone put their finger on it.

Ardern’s “New Normal” doesn’t expect to obey the rules. It’s no secret her government has been passing legislation faster than the public can submit on it, besides the many irregularities that have become commonplace during her tenure.

When it comes to trademark features, we’ve seen Ardern defend the indefensible and defy reasonable expectations almost every day.

This is trickling down and a good example of that is our fallen angel Paula Penfold (before and after shots below)

Paula Penfold
Fire and Fury

If you’re not familiar with the background of STUFF Circuit Propaganda Products have a look at this previous post about Fire and Fury.

Fire and Fury is a sci-fi drama based on a real life event in Wellington, New Zealand when protestors built a Freedom Camp in Parliament grounds.

Since its release in August 2022 Penfold has done a number of soft interviews justifying why she didn’t need to follow the basic rules of journalism – Penfold had a greater cause and that, apart from saving a few people from rabbit holes, was supporting the beliefs of her fearful elite.

It doesn’t end there. Boucher’s Irish compatriot is into the game as well.

Andrea (@avancenz) Vance

Vance has been happily embroiled in Wellington politics and scandal since she came to New Zealand following the News of the World turmoil in the UK but now she really has run off the rails.

As official information has become harder to source Vance quite rightly has been a regular protestor. When Ardern’s government broke loose from reality Vance stood up with a protest against the “The Artfully Crafted Mirage.”

There may have been a time when Ardern looked like she couldn’t fail. That’s what changed and that changed Vance. Suddenly the little people are the biggest threat to society. They just happen to also be the biggest threat to Labour affiates in the Local Government elections. Vance like Penfold has launched another save the world STUFF News campaign against undesirables (Local GovernmentCandidate in this case).

The obvious commercial realities are covered in this post about aberrant media.

What’s happening here is the number of people who do want to be part of this are doggy deep in it. They stand to lose everything, and the irony is Vance suggesting that those that are a threat are the ones who have already lost everything, because of a dysfunctional society.

Vance like Ardern no longer makes any rational sense. They’ve dug their own rabbit hole and have become so detached from society they’re trying to fake the news.

I’d like to say, “you couldn’t make this up” but I believe Eric A Blair came pretty close to it. In all fairness though, I have to add that he felt too threatened to publish in his own name at the time and used a pen name.

Mesa Propose: A Ban on STUFF News

No, they can’t handle criticism, can’t front up for an interview on The Platform but can publish compromised opinions from Graeme Tucket, Wellington. There is no great outpouring of support from their industry colleagues or other organisations.

STUFF News has been bowled over by the reaction to their media. That may not have reached the stage of public condemnation by the media industry but from an industry perspective STUFF News owner, Sinead Boucher is in an embarrassing and compromised position.

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