Ministry of Bullying New Zealand

Is this the New Zealand we want?

Bullying, rife to the point its surprising we don’t have a Minister for Bullying with a dedicated ministry or did we miss something … that the big house on the hill, with Speaker Mallard has long been the house of the Rising Hun.

The spectre of bullying regularly raises its ugly head … and we even pretend to investigate the phenomenon in the pretence that order will be restored to our nasty world –

Who will direct the country back to common sense and workable solutions – isn’t there someone doing that already?

Just as an example: has there ever been a case of an organised event at parliament being bullied out of the building to a commercial location? But if that wasn’t enough did the bullies abuse the property owners to cancel the booking to once again disrupt the event?

And it really doesn’t matter who it was, does it?

And in the ensuing case that came before the Human Rights Commission was compensation paid to those people who were bullied out of their event – by the commercial property owner?

Well, it’s all recorded so it’s not a made up story but let’s not forget the bullying started in Parliament, our very own house of democracy.

Is that a familiar pattern, so familiar that when a protest turned up at parliament, you just didn’t get the point.

If you are wondering why I was all “Fire and Fury” at Paula Penfold yesterday – because she deserved it … arrogant little, self indulgent, bully-girl-on-behalf-of-parliament, who was not only trying to pretend she was engaged in journalism but she even managed to rope Rebecca Kerridge into the occasion.

This bully behavior is so in our face and expected to be accepted as normal because some people can’t communicate with each other, and our communications specialist PM (the all love and kindness Jacinda Adern) is one of the worst.

Worse still you can see the behavior playing out in teenagers, especially those at the tender age of leaving school, pursuing ongoing education as communication specialists along with those joining the political juniors club.

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