Labour’s Wind-Up Toys

The consequences of Ardern’s covid programme will be ongoing, will cost the government the next election, and start a royal commission of inquiry but more significantly for the Labour Party will be a damaged political vehicle; one left in far worse shape than the Labour Party Helen Clark left behind on Election night 2008.

In the meantime the party needs to deal with its wind-up toys and drag them back from the high-pitched levels of hysteria some have risen to.

I try to stay away from criticism of other writers. We have our opinions and are expected to manage our own social responsibilities in respect of what we publish.

Hamish Keith is an ardent Labour member and proud of it. Their logo is his intellectual property – they’re joined in a borg type mentality if not at the hip.

Professional obligations are easily forgotten in the passion of partisan alliances. Then you’re fair game and deserving of criticism.

The allegation above that an “unvaccinated nurse is not a nurse but a danger” is about as unrealistic as the suggestion that Keith is not in a state of temporary insanity.

If old age has overcome Hamish’s ability for rational thought and he is permanently debilitated, the party needs to have a quiet word to its member.

Here, Keith is leading an hysterical charge against qualified health professionals who have been among those unnecessarily vilified for their personal health choices.

To say this is a step too far shouldn’t be necessary. I’d tell him myself but he has previously blocked me for disagreeing with him.

Regardless, he’s encouraging others in this mindless pursuit of irrational hysteria.


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