Male Watch – Downunder

No, it’s not ‘Whale Watch’ or ‘Crime Watch’ it really is Male Watch – the new State, how to keep-our-women-safe system, being introduced by the Duluthed Government of New Zealand.

The new disclosure scheme was announced by Justice Minister Amy Adams and Police Minister Judith Collins, and is part of a range of measures designed to reduce domestic violence.

Secret Santa is alive and well, handing out the big Xmas pressy to White Ribbon and the billion dollar Domestic Violence Industry that exists in this country. Yes, this is an industry that rivals Fonterra, it’s now the backbone of the country.

It’s as draconian and Stasi-like as the recent behaviour of the Police, but you won’t see the media beat the drums of freedom or the likes of Barry Soper leaping out of your TV screen in protest, as he did when the Police pursued his wife and executed a retaliatory raid by warrant on their apartment.

The primary issue that arises here isn’t even with the political definition of Domestic Violence in New Zealand: Male violence against women.

Or, the on-going and foreseeable disaster that will result from the implementation of ideological processing rather than an intelligent procedure.

No, this in reality, is the initiation of bare-faced male surveillance and public record keeping by the police, on every man in New Zealand.

You’d be naïve and ill informed if you believed that the Police had never had or used an arrest-the-male policy at domestic incidents because it was the easy way out.

You’d also be naïve if you thought that every man who pleaded guilty did so because they were guilty rather than because it was the least expensive and easiest door to walk through.

You’d be naïve and ill informed if you thought that the Justice Department hadn’t run a prepaid conviction service through the experimental Domestic Violence Court system established in ‘various places’ around the country.

This is a major affront not only to male freedom or human rights in this country, but also to the processing and availability of personal information, supposedly for the benefit of the protected species of the country – ‘women’.

Instead of having a policy that will create the mandatory gossip-gossip “Oh, what came back in his Police check” and a further lowering of our marginal birth rate, why don’t we pass a law that says that all men must have their domestic-violence clearance papers on them at all times. (We’ve already got a similar policy for child-support defaulters to stop them escaping the country)

Same thing isn’t it?

Oh, except it was a policy and not a law and didn’t get debated, but that doesn’t matter in a democratic society, does it?


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